Our son started working with Brian several months ago when he suffered a season-ending sports injury. Without soccer as an outlet and with college on the horizon, his interest in school deteriorated and he stopped hanging out with all his friends except his girlfriend. After a few weeks with Brian, his outlook and willingness to communicate improved. He started to look for constructive things to do while he rehabbed. My wife and I find Brian to be compassionate and insightful. Most importantly, Brian is able to connect with our son on his level and then to keep us informed so that we know what we can do to help him through this difficult transitional period.
Dr. Flame is a excellent psychotherapist. One of Dr. Flame's expertise is in helping individuals and families who have experienced sports related injuries and to develop new coping skills in their healing process. Dr. Flame demonstrates the emotional logic of hope and teaching others how to move forward in life. He has a uniqueness in that adolescents hear and respond to his guidance and support. Dr. Flame not only provides his insights to these kids, he also provides support to their parents. I have been working and referring to this amazing psychotherapist for years, I strongly recommend him for you and your family.
My 11 year old son suffered a severe concussion this year. He had debilitating headaches for 3 months and was unable to attend school. Reentry to school and "regular" life was surprisingly just as difficult on him as the concussion itself. Dr.Flame helped us during this difficult transition. He not only helped him with processing "why this happened to me" but also with the daily family struggles that were occurring before the concussion. Our family dynamics are much better after working with Brian. He has a great sense of humor and worked well with the entire family.